We are passionate about helping people to achieve their training, nutrition, health and lifestyle goals

Strive 4 Strong

  • Our goal at Strive 4 Strong is to provide evidence-based coaching and educational material in order to help replace the detrimental and possibly harmful information from being pushed by the stream.
  • Our coaching program is aimed at providing a high-quality experience to dedicated people allowing them to reach their potential and goals.
  • We strive to provide actionable education via our articles and social media content.


At Strive 4 Strong we are fed-up with the scams & lies the fitness industry is filled-with AND the disempowering message that comes with them. Combatting this constant stream of misinformation is what feeds and drives the main purpose behind S4S. Which is to help spread good quality knowledge, and provide world-class, evidence-based, online and one-to-one coaching. We want to use our knowledge, experience, and coaching skills to help you to be your own coach.

Using this core belief as our framework enables us to help with your training, nutrition, health and lifestyle goals by taking a complete approach and leaving no stone unturned. Truly caring about our clients is our greatest asset at S4S. We apply a highly detailed, thorough and holistic method to our coaching service; setting us apart and allowing our clients to make amazing progress and achieve their goals. We believe that our research ensures we are always utilising the latest proven information and techniques so that we can become the best coaches within the online-coaching space!

At S4S, we believe anyone can strive to become stronger. Whether it is through creating more effective training programs, or by improving lifestyle factors such as sleep, in order to achieve that goal-body you've always wanted. And that is why we are here! Apply now to start your journey.

Lee Welford

Lee Welford is a co-founder of Strive 4 Strong, he creates educational content for both the website and the S4S Instagram page and he is also involved in producing the informative training and nutrition videos which will guide all S4S members.

Having worked as a personal trainer in the past helping clients reach their goals, and because he always wants to give the best training he can, Lee is now studying a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Sports Nutrition so that he can provide premium support for all his clients. Pursuing developments in strength and muscle-gain are Lee's passions in fitness, with goals to compete in the future. Specifically training as a ‘natural’ athlete Lee uses research-based methods to structure training, ensuring progress can be made effectively.

Matt Pipes

Matt Pipes is one of the co-founders and coaches at Strive 4 Strong and shares responsibility with Lee for creating educational content for the website and social media. Matt is a level 3 PT currently studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Health Nutrition at Hull University while also studying with the famed Mac Nutrition Uni, the leading online nutrition course aimed at practitioners.

Outside of the education circle, Matt has a love of all things weight training (and dogs) with hopes to compete in powerlifting in the near future and possibly weightlifting if his body can stay in one piece for long enough.